Friday, April 29, 2011

List of people in Big Bother Africa Amplified Season Six

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Its two days to go and now the house mates have been unveiled. It is already exciting. Lets now find out who is representing the different countries in the Big Brother Africa Amplified (season six).

  1. Bhoke from Tanzania 
  2. Confidence from Ghana
  3. Hanni from Ethiopia
  4. Herminio from Mozambique
  5. Jossy from Namibia
  6. Lomwe from Malawi
  7. From South Africa, Luclay  
  8. Millicent from Kenya
  9. Mumba from Zambia
  10. Sharon from Uganda
  11. Vimbai from Zimabwe
  12. Vina from Nigeria
  13. Weza rom Angola
  14. Zeus from Botswana
Questions are already arising if these are going to be the only members in the house with many girls and less boys. Its speculated that Big Brother may announce more members soon. Keep here for more


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