Tuesday, May 17, 2011


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South African housemate Luclay decided to put himself up for possible Eviction on Monday because he didn't want to nominate anyone. Biggie told him that the repercussions of not nominating anyone would be self-sacrifice but Luclay remained adamant.

He joins Kim, Nkuli and Mumba because Karen, who had the most Nominations, was saved from possible Eviction in a last minute decision by Head of House, Miss P, who put Mumba in her place instead.

Biggie announced the nominees yesterday (Monday) evening and hearing her name Kim smiled, at first I thought that meant she already misses home but when she declared later on that "It's time for me to drink! Zambia, it's up to you!" I was left a little puzzled.

Nkuli was however disappointed; when her name was called out, her mouth flew open, in complete disbelief. She was stuck to one spot on the couch for over 30 minutes and did not speak to anyone as the reality of possible Eviction sunk in.

Karen, who was oblivious to the fact that Miss P had saved her, seemed the most frazzled. Mumba looked on calmly oblivious that he is up for eviction.

So who nominated who? Luclay sacrificed himself while Alex and Bhoke didn’t hesitate to put Karen and Nkuli on the chopping block. Danny nominated Karen because he believed she was a strong character and major competition. He also put up Kim for the same reason adding that Kim is entertaining and viewers would save her.

Though they had made peace, Ernest went for Luclay because he felt him to be a grudge-bearing person. Karen nominated Kim and then Kim dished the nomination back to Karen for being destructive and always in the way. She nominated Lotus for her inability to listen and for talking too much.

Lotus nominated Kim while Mumba nominated the Head of House, Miss P because she could save herself then she picked Ernest because he was becoming too loud and irritating.

The fate of Luclay, Kim, Nkuli and Mumba is now in your hands Africa. so start voting to save your favourite housemates.

Monday, May 16, 2011


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Last week six housemates were up for possible eviction from the Big Brother Amplified house. The nominees were Weza, Vina, Vimbai, Confidence, Danny, and Jossy. Africa voted and Housemates who received the most country votes went back to the Heads House. There was a three-way tie for last place. Confidence, Danny and Jossy received one country vote each.

For this reason, the tie-breaking mechanism was used. On a percentage basis, Confidence was returned to the Heads House, Danny went to Tails and Jossy was evicted.

This is how Africa Voted;

Weza: 6 country votes, Angola, Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa, Malawi, Botswana (24%)

Vina: 3 country votes, Nigeria, Rest of Africa, Uganda (20%)

Vimbai: 3 country votes, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Kenya (17%)

Confidence: 1 country vote, Ghana (18%)

Danny: 1 country vote, Ethiopia (11%)

Jossy: 1 country vote, Namibia (9%)

In the Tails house, Danny received a big reception. Lotus ran and jumped on Danny as he walked into the Tails House after his Eviction from Heads. The housemates were shocked to see him. They asked him how he had gotten there and he told them he had been nominated and faced Eviction. He said he wasn't sure if Jossy, had been sent home or not. They filled him in on what they have been doing during the week and compared notes from both Houses.

Week Two of Big Brother Amplified was chock-full of drama, ample tears and an interesting love triangle! i wonder what to expect this week, what does Biggie have in store for us? well, lets wait and see.


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Love birds Bhoke and Ernest decided to check their relationship before anyone gets hurt. How thoughtful! Ernest got a wakeup call shortly after midnight when he realized that Bhoke was not on the same page with him regarding their 'relationship' status.

It seems Ernest wants more than what they had in the Jacuzzi but Bhoke doesn’t believe in the relationship….mmmm... she said yesterdays actions might have hurt people out here, and she is not proud of it. Ernest perched himself into Bhoke's bed and tried charming her but Bhoke made it clear that things wouldn't work between them.

Bhoke added that prior to coming to the House; she had had a discussion with her friend who warned her about perceptions. She said the way people view men and women in relationships differs, "if a guy has many girlfriends, he's a hero and a woman with many boyfriends is a hoe."

Play boy Ernest looked confused as he wanted to know why she was calling him "baby" on Saturday night but Bhoke blamed it on the alcohol.

Ernest like the play boy he is proving to be asked the girls if the guys were too slow in hooking up with them. Miss P thinks it was not a matter of being slow, but a matter of true attraction.

Nkuli thought that the guys were not trying hard enough. She was of the opinion that if they showed more initiative they could start something. Ernest then said that the girls in the House were not the type to be pushed around because they knew what they wanted from guys.

Meanwhile boys from Tails think that the girls are making them look like fools so they want to stop acting nice.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eviction Row

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Lotus ran and jumped on Danny, embracing him with her whole body, as he walked into the Tails House after his Eviction from Heads.

The Tails Housemates asked him how he got there and he told them he had been nominated and faced Eviction. He said he wasn't sure if Jossy, who had been on Eviction Row with him, had been sent home or not.

When Danny discovered Tails hadn't Nominated each other, he asked the Tails Housemates what they had been doing the whole week. They filled him in and compared notes from both Houses.

They wasted no time time bombarding him with questions about the happenings in the Heads House.


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Is Ugandan housemate Ernest turning into the amplified play boy? It seems every chic is fighting for his attention. Earlier on every sign showed he and Lotus had something going but last night he was in the Jacuzzi getting steamy with Tanzania’s Bhoke.

In the Jacuzzi, Bhoke shared light moments with Ernest as she laid her head on Ernest's shoulder staying afloat and enjoying his touch. This happened shortly after midnight.
While the two got steamy in the Jacuzzi, getting very close to kissing, Lotus was in there as well and she watched everything they did.
The previous night, Ernest and Lotus had shared a passionate kiss in the same Jacuzzi and she had asked Ernest who he would take on a date between her and Bhoke in the afternoon.
Ernest wormed his way around the subject prompting Lotus to get rather agitated. Sunday morning Bhoke woke up acting Ernest’s girlfriend. She stood up for him when Karen told him to keep quiet because they needed to sleep. How sweet, she must have enjoyed every moment last night!

After a hectic night of partying and even a bit of crying, Luclay woke up with toothpaste in his hair. Luclay simply broke down and cried when Ernest told him that he respects him, this happened while they were enjoying music in the garden on Saturday night.

Housemates were treated to lengthy massages, as soon as they woke up in the morning. The heads also got new hair styles, thanks to biggy!! The housemates really needed a change for their hair!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


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Biggie never runs out of ideas, first day in the house he told the housemates that they weren't safe. He said there would be auditions to choose the real amplified housemates and in the days that followed several tasks were given and all housemates passed despite the challenges.On sunday, housemates remained pensive ahead of their possible eviction. Infact Biggie worsened the situation when he told them to pack their luggage and prepare to leave.
No one could guess what there fate could be. And then tricky Biggie told housemates to pick gloves. Here is the catch, the colors of the gloves determined there destiny.
Uganda's Sharon, Weza, Wendall, Millicent, Vina, Bernadina, Jossy, Michael, Zeus, Danny, Hanni, Lomwe, Vimbai, Felicia and Confidence were taken to a house unknown to the remaining housemates who thought their journey had ended.

IK, the show's host caught them off guard when he told them they were still in the game. what a relief for them! They were then taken to a house called Tails. A replica of last year's Barn. Sharon's lot is in the main amplified house now called Heads. Housemates who are in Tails are, Ernest, Nkuli, Luclay, Mumba, Karen, Nic, Bhoke, Lotus, Alex, Miss P, and Kim.
Unlike last year's barn, is as good as heads save for a few missing things. i must confess, however that Heads is livelier. Apart from talkative Ernest and Nic and may be controversial Karen, i find tails a little boring.

Monday, May 2, 2011


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The waiting is over ladies and gentlemen, Big Brother Africa season 6 code named Big Brother amplified kicked off yesterday in north Johannesburg with a whooping 26 housemates from 14 countries. Strewth, it is 16 girls against 10 guys!
The host IK Osakioduwa who hosted the last two seasons of Big Brother charmed the enthusiatic crowd. Uganda sent ex-vision voice presenter Ernest Wasake and Obsessions’ Sharon Salmon Nalukenge.
The 91-day show whose winner walks away with $200,000 had US rapper Busta Ryhmes showing housemates and the audience what amplified is all about. The performance though brief was thrilling, Busta brought the show down with Break your Neck followed by Look at me now. The housemates were then told to get into the house and trust Sharon O she was the first one to get to the house.
In the house, the house mates celebrated, drunk champaigne and interacted with fellow housemates and not even Biggie's announcement that there would be auditions to choose the real housemates could lower there mood. The housemates look terrific, and we could have a great show! what should we expect in the 91 days? lets wait and see!



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