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Biggie never falls short of tricks, after unveiling fourteen housemates last week on Thursday, he added in more at the grand launch on Sunday to make them twenty six housemates. They all seem to be hyper and frenzied but can they handle the game or keep us glued to our TV sets. Lets wait and see! The game is on and these are our amplified housemates at least for now since Biggie said that the 1st week is for auditions where the real amplified housemates will be selected.

Vimbai Mutinhiri 24, a model from Zimbabwe was the first one to hit the stage and when asked what she was going to do; she simply said that is between her and her God. Vimbai, you can’t hide anything from Biggie, I hope you know that.

Ernest Wasake from Uganda hit the stage next. Ok, this was the surprise because for many Ugandans Sharon was the only. But any way like I said Biggie never falls short of tricks! Ernest a public relations officer came smartly tacked in his single breasted suit with a double vent. Grace Nakimera's track was played as he came on stage. He says he is a people person and wouldn’t kill for money.

Hanni 22, a singer from Ethiopia cam on next. This is one of the housemates who had been introduced earlier so we expected her. When asked what she would do if she got the money, Hanni said she would open up a music studio. But while in the house Hanni says she is just going to ‘have fun, have fun and have fun!’ And of course fun is what we want in the house so bring it on Hanni!

Mumba Mwaka 24, from Zambia was the next housemate. He is a DJ/Radio presenter. When IK asked him his strategy for winning the grand prize, Mumba said he was just going to have fun, be himself and be original.

Miss P from Botswana is 24years old, a journalist and film graduate. She said her biggest challenge in the house will be missing her watch, church and computer for three months.

Zuane Michael from Mozambique hit the stage casually dressed. He said he has no game plan to win the grand prize. The 33years old is a professional hairdresser.

Vina Longpet from Nigeria was next. Vina 26, a radio presenter says she is a natural entertainer. Well it seems we are going to have lots of entertainment because almost every housemate is into music or drama.

Lotus Kyamba from Tanzania hit the stage though IK was very quick to notice her trademark which was the nose ring. The highlight was she was so hyper that she fell on her way to join fellow housemates.

Nic Wangondu from Kenya came in dancing and was very quick at letting everyone know how he was single but IK did not buy any of that and just branded him a player. Nic 26 is an assistant producer.

Bernardina Buys from Nambia followed. She is 20 and therefore the youngest housemate. The admin clerk told IK that she is just looking for fame and fun.

Weza Solunga from Angola came in style. The profession rapper business graduate was clad in a short dress or rather top without a bottom. Ernest the Ugandan housemate was quick at noticing this one and did not waste any time, he planted a hot peck on her.

Luclay Misoya from South Africa hit the stage and when asked what his strategy was; he said he was representing all hustlers in Africa.

Then at last our gal Sharon Salmon Nalukenge who was referred to as Sharon O in the house came on stage dancing to the Obsession track 'Jangu' for which she is a member. She said her strategy will be Music Dance and Drama (MDD). She later added that she will not lose her dignity for money. We will be watching that! Meanwhile, she is the prettiest in the house.

Felicia Susan Ngoma from Malawi hit the stage. The 26yr old is a purchaser.

Zeus Bantsi from Botswana who happens to be professional rapper hit the stage. He admitted to IK that he is in the house to promote his music. He even did some rap before he joined other housemates.

Kimberly Musoda25, a beautician from Zambia followed and on asking her what strategy she could use to stay in the house, she simply said she will be her lovely self.

Millicent Mugadi from Kenya followed though what amused IK and the crowd was when she said that she will not mind people using her to get what she wants. Millicent is an actress, soccer player and coach.

Nkuli Ngquola from South Africa Africa hit the stage and on her back was a large tattoo of an African map. She is a community TV intern.

Confidence Haugen, the 37 year old CEO and beauty therapist from Ghana hit the stage next. Confidence hit IK with her nice scent.

Jossy Ailonga from Namibia came on stage walking with swagger. The 26 year old marketing manager says he is just going have fun as well.

The 26 year old TV presenter, Bhoke Egina came on next. Bhoke it is said has mastered the art of manipulation. In her own words she says 'She will not have sex for money'

Daniel Kassa 34, a salesman from Ethiopia hit the stage next.

Wendall Parson from Zimbabwe stepped on stage. When asked what strategy he had in order to win the grand prize, the pilot simply said, ''If it's fun, then he will take it to another level"

Unemployed Karen Igho from Nigeria came on next. She had a pin on her face and when asked how many of those she had, she said two but one of them was below her navel and she almost showed before IK stopped her.

Lomwe Namali came on next. The 27 year old radio presenter said he likes people who can take jokes.

Alex Biney 31, a fashion designer was the last to come on stage with folded jeans very typical of free style. He said that if he got the money then he will take his family to Jamaica.


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