Sunday, May 15, 2011


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Is Ugandan housemate Ernest turning into the amplified play boy? It seems every chic is fighting for his attention. Earlier on every sign showed he and Lotus had something going but last night he was in the Jacuzzi getting steamy with Tanzania’s Bhoke.

In the Jacuzzi, Bhoke shared light moments with Ernest as she laid her head on Ernest's shoulder staying afloat and enjoying his touch. This happened shortly after midnight.
While the two got steamy in the Jacuzzi, getting very close to kissing, Lotus was in there as well and she watched everything they did.
The previous night, Ernest and Lotus had shared a passionate kiss in the same Jacuzzi and she had asked Ernest who he would take on a date between her and Bhoke in the afternoon.
Ernest wormed his way around the subject prompting Lotus to get rather agitated. Sunday morning Bhoke woke up acting Ernest’s girlfriend. She stood up for him when Karen told him to keep quiet because they needed to sleep. How sweet, she must have enjoyed every moment last night!

After a hectic night of partying and even a bit of crying, Luclay woke up with toothpaste in his hair. Luclay simply broke down and cried when Ernest told him that he respects him, this happened while they were enjoying music in the garden on Saturday night.

Housemates were treated to lengthy massages, as soon as they woke up in the morning. The heads also got new hair styles, thanks to biggy!! The housemates really needed a change for their hair!


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