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South African housemate Luclay decided to put himself up for possible Eviction on Monday because he didn't want to nominate anyone. Biggie told him that the repercussions of not nominating anyone would be self-sacrifice but Luclay remained adamant.

He joins Kim, Nkuli and Mumba because Karen, who had the most Nominations, was saved from possible Eviction in a last minute decision by Head of House, Miss P, who put Mumba in her place instead.

Biggie announced the nominees yesterday (Monday) evening and hearing her name Kim smiled, at first I thought that meant she already misses home but when she declared later on that "It's time for me to drink! Zambia, it's up to you!" I was left a little puzzled.

Nkuli was however disappointed; when her name was called out, her mouth flew open, in complete disbelief. She was stuck to one spot on the couch for over 30 minutes and did not speak to anyone as the reality of possible Eviction sunk in.

Karen, who was oblivious to the fact that Miss P had saved her, seemed the most frazzled. Mumba looked on calmly oblivious that he is up for eviction.

So who nominated who? Luclay sacrificed himself while Alex and Bhoke didn’t hesitate to put Karen and Nkuli on the chopping block. Danny nominated Karen because he believed she was a strong character and major competition. He also put up Kim for the same reason adding that Kim is entertaining and viewers would save her.

Though they had made peace, Ernest went for Luclay because he felt him to be a grudge-bearing person. Karen nominated Kim and then Kim dished the nomination back to Karen for being destructive and always in the way. She nominated Lotus for her inability to listen and for talking too much.

Lotus nominated Kim while Mumba nominated the Head of House, Miss P because she could save herself then she picked Ernest because he was becoming too loud and irritating.

The fate of Luclay, Kim, Nkuli and Mumba is now in your hands Africa. so start voting to save your favourite housemates.


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