Monday, May 16, 2011


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Love birds Bhoke and Ernest decided to check their relationship before anyone gets hurt. How thoughtful! Ernest got a wakeup call shortly after midnight when he realized that Bhoke was not on the same page with him regarding their 'relationship' status.

It seems Ernest wants more than what they had in the Jacuzzi but Bhoke doesn’t believe in the relationship….mmmm... she said yesterdays actions might have hurt people out here, and she is not proud of it. Ernest perched himself into Bhoke's bed and tried charming her but Bhoke made it clear that things wouldn't work between them.

Bhoke added that prior to coming to the House; she had had a discussion with her friend who warned her about perceptions. She said the way people view men and women in relationships differs, "if a guy has many girlfriends, he's a hero and a woman with many boyfriends is a hoe."

Play boy Ernest looked confused as he wanted to know why she was calling him "baby" on Saturday night but Bhoke blamed it on the alcohol.

Ernest like the play boy he is proving to be asked the girls if the guys were too slow in hooking up with them. Miss P thinks it was not a matter of being slow, but a matter of true attraction.

Nkuli thought that the guys were not trying hard enough. She was of the opinion that if they showed more initiative they could start something. Ernest then said that the girls in the House were not the type to be pushed around because they knew what they wanted from guys.

Meanwhile boys from Tails think that the girls are making them look like fools so they want to stop acting nice.


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